C.H.A.O.S. (Constantly Harass And create Opportunities to Score) was originated within the Roanoke College Lacrosse system by Coach Bill Pilat in 1992. It is founded on the basic fundamentals of lacrosse, promoting ground balls, shots, ball movement and defensive pressure. Jason Gildea, SMU Head Coach and a former Roanoke College player, helped to spread this style in North Texas along with the Chaos coaching staff.

While the core principles are important to all lacrosse programs, the Chaos Lacrosse program emphasizes drills, strategy and coaching styles that promote these core principles, allowing for a fast-paced style with creativity rewarded on the field. We believe the promotion of creativity helps all players love the game and find their confidence in all sports.

Our program specifically highlights two team statistics during games and practices; ground balls and shots. Each age group has a target before every game, helping to drive focus on the simple aspects of the game. We call it controlled Chaos. Building confidence in players means allowing them to try things on the field multiple times, knowing it may take many attempts before the outcome is positive. We believe the responsibility of a coach is to show players how they can do something better, not to prevent them from trying something new.

We invite all players to come out to watch our practices and games to see this exciting style of play in action.

More information on the CHAOS Philosophy:

Bill Pilat GoNoke.org Podcast Link

Director of Operations 

Desiree Gildea




Club Director

Jason Gildea