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The Chaos Lacrosse Program is a Partner Affiliate of the Adrenaline Starz program. This provides the North Texas and Oklahoma Chaos programs with an exclusive membership to the most successful lacrosse events program in the country.

Adrenaline Starz is the largest organized club lacrosse network in the nation with 12,000+ players enjoying the vast benefits of the Adrenaline Starz system. The Adrenaline corporate office offers various levels of service to accommodate and enhance the unique nature of any club program. Each individual Starz benefit derives from one of three overarching Adrenaline Starz Mantras- operations, access, and exposure. The commitment to the execution on all of these aspects will guarantee the success of any affiliated team.

Operations: Adrenaline Starz ensures all administrative responsibilities and information-based tasks are addressed by an expert and our built out service Adrenaline service department

Access: Our team provides access to the sport’s top creative team with marketing & branding, cutting edge top-level training, the nationally recognized team process known as the Adrenaline Treatment, top tournaments in the nation, Adrenaline professional athletes and LXM PROS, and mostly importantly, access through the Adrenaline Evaluation Team (AET) to the famed Adrenaline Recruitment system. This system is known nationally as the number one recruitment system in the game with game changing statistics and success stories.

Exposure: Unmatched club team and individual player national exposure comes from utilizing our industry leading well-established relationships with national lacrosse media outlets, our Adrenaline hired PR agency, the Adrenaline Blogosphere, as well as our own far reaching social media platforms.

See some of our recent Chaos players participating in the West Coast Starz system listed below (click on image to view):

Adrenaline Chaos Starz Sectional Players 2014

Blake Harmon Regala WCS National Announcement 2015

Carly Holdridge WCS 2021 National Announcement 2014

Finney Raney WCS National Announcement 2014

Griffin Martin WCS National Announcement 2014

Holdridge Stout WCS National Announcement 2014

Mackenzie Smith WCS 2021 National Announcement 2015

Lawrence WCS 2019 National Announcement 2014